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eLearning Brand Guidelines









PMS 2935 CVU



PMS 1665 U

R 255 G 255 B 82

R 0 G 117 B 191

R 96 G 187 B 70

R 249 G 161 B 58

R 231 G 104 B 71

keep clear around corporate logomark

It is important to keep corporate marks clear if any other graphic elements. To regulate this, an exclusion zone has been established around the corporate mark. Whenever using the logo, it should be surrounded with clear space to ensure its visibility and impact. No graphic elements of any kind should invade this zone.


Gill Sans Ossifragi deciperet chirographi, etiam saetosus syrtes fortiter

Gill Sans Italic Ossifragi deciperet chirographi, etiam saetosus syrtes fortiter cor rumperet Aubellis conubium santet 1234567890

Gill Sans Bold Ossifragi deciperet chiro graphi, etiam syrtes fortiter ratus bellis conubium san 1234567890

BerkeleyOldstyleBold Ossifragi deciperet chirographi, etiam syrtes fortiter ratus bellis conubium san 1234567890

corrumperet conubium 1234567890

SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines



Color pays an important role in the corporate identity program. A palette of primary colors has been developed, which comprise the “One Voice” color scheme. Consistent use of these colors will contribute to the cohesive and harmonious look.

Color values in HEX colors for all shades, and RGB for main color.

are complementary to primary colors.These colors should be used to support the primary color palette.

should be used to draw attention.

SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines



All courses are developed to accommodate learner viewing on a variety of mobile devices. The courses are programed to respond to the device and browser in use and display the content in a way best suited for the course. A responsive design used within these courses will enable learner to clearly see and interact with the content regardless of device used. We understand the iPad tablet will be primarily uses for the learners to view and content is developed to accommodate that need.

Here are some examples of how the content will look to learners on various display styles and devices:

Smart Phones

Laptops / Computers



SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines


Courses are designed to engage the learner with a variety of interactivity, enhancing retention and leaner satisfaction with the training programs. Interactivity in the programs are provided as click and reveal flashcards, accordion expending displays of information, interactive hotpots on graphics, multimedia displays such as videos, audio program sections, questions, web page links, and custom designed interactive direct feedback scenarios. All interactivities will be required and learner cannot advance in the program until all interactivities are completed. In courses with quizzes, scenrios, or questions for interactivity, a correct response will be required to advance.

Samples of these include:

Hotspots 2 of 2

Hotspots 1 of 2

Flashcards example

Interactive Tabs example

Video example


SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines

TITLE PAGES Title pages include the title, brief overview of the course, and the “start” course button for learners to begin.

2 5

SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines

GLOSSARY Courses where terminology is industry specific and definitions are required will in clude an interactive Glossary that is univer sal for all courses and updated to include all terms used in the courses. The glossary enables the learner to enter a term by either typing or selecting from the search menu and the term, definition, and as applicable photo of the item will appear on a slide. These slides will be used within the courses as the terminology is first used as a teaching tool. Within courses with definitions the termi nology slide will be included in the course content, and the interactive glossary pro vided as a resource and tool for enhanced learner engagement.


SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines


All courses will include the following:

3. Each lesson will include a lesson header, followed by the course content presented in a variety of ways, the learner will scroll through the content interacting directly with the screen as directed in the content.

1. A title page including a course overview and menu

4. Course menu which will always be on the bottom left side, in mini mized view, the learner can expand using the ^ symbol. All menus will include all sections of the program and track the learner progress.

2. Course Introduction and lesson objectives


SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines


5. Content pages include a variety of images, styles, icon, infographics, photos, and inter activity. SummerWinds Nursery color palettes are used in multiple variety to display the content clearly. These text based programs are designed to capture the learners attention, force the learner to engage with the screen, and ensure all content is re viewed by mixing the displays and colors for a clear direct message of the program.


SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines


Course content is enhanced with the use of icons, graphics and banners which serve to highlight and stan dardize content delivery for ease in learner enjoyment and retention. As an example when providing a quick information tip to the learner the use of the similar delivery style with a banner helps them identify the information.

Colorful and artistic style icons representative of gardening are used throughout the program, to help capture the atten tion of the learner and guide their eyes to a different part of the screen to help aid in retention of the information.


SummerWinds Nursery eLearning Guidelines


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