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Creative eLearning Development & Online Training Services Solution Provider

content development , Learning Management System (LMS) management and implementation , and instructional design , augmented with our own executive C-level experience , provide our clients with the expertise and programs to ensure their learn ing and business initiatives are successful. Our services provide a solid ROI with the development of training programs and resources that can be combined with a turnkey eLearning management system (LMS) that we manage for you .

Your current training team can concentrate on results while our eLearning team develops courses, converts assets, and helps manage the LMS for you! Our passion is developing custom eLearning inter active and appealing training designs that resonate with your audience, and we love doing this! We want to be a part of your team, we want to enjoy the project, and exceed your expectations! We want to know our creative partnership will enhance your product and your business.

eLearning is our specialty, we stay at the forefront of the eLearning technology, so you can stay at the forefront of your industry business Who We Are

needs. We stay on the forefront of understanding the best methods of eLearning. Your materials evolve into training programs that engages your employees, achieve learning goals, deliver performance results, and function seamlessly in a learning management system (LMS) , and across browsers and mobile devices.

We understand the importance of eLearning in ensuring growth & quality march forward together as business grows.

eLearning can be used to reduce or enable enhanced classroom learning times, reduce employee turnover, and most notably enable consistent adherence to your corporate standards.

Our years of expertise in working with Fortune 500 clients in eLearning, training design and


Courses & Training Program Development Includes:

• Modules are fast , self-paced, text driven, graphi cally enhanced with a variety of interactivity and video to keep the learner engaged . • Micro-modules that are combined to various curriculum paths are developed – most are less than 15 minutes eLearning modules. • Assessments, scenarios, and quizzes are used to validate learning . • Various stages of development allow continual client review and program enhancement all managed for you by JJC.

• Your manuals, assets, webinars, videos , etc., are converted to engaging eLearning by experi enced eLearning instructional designers using a variety of industry leading tools, such as the Articu late Rise, Camtasia, Synthesia, Adobe Creative. • Using eLearning software tools the modules are published as trackable learning objects using Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).

Course & Training Program Development Jaana Jala Company (JJC) provides training development and management services for eLearning development and delivery systems custom designed exclusively for your business needs . Your existing training materials , are re-imagined and transformed to modern, mobile, adult, What We Do #1

interactive, trackable, skill validated, succinct training courses and resources .


Our LMS + offers • An online corporate university application • Trackable with robust reporting • Courses are assignable and visible by location and job, as you choose • Available 24/7 • Mobile App is provided • Training library and resources enabled • Easy to use • Branded to your company logo and colors for learner engagement and company pride • Enables unlimited content, and learner growth

What We Do #2

LMS Implementation & Rental Services Deciding to build and manage an online ‘corporate university’ typically requires a huge expansion of time, human resources, and technology solutions. This makes it dif fi cult for mid-size to small companies to gain the enormous bene fi ts of online learning. JJC provides the management services and ex pertise in aligning our eLearning industry profes sionals, and software providers, in delivering a learning management system software, LMS set up & design, and bringing your Pizza World ‘corporate university’ to life for you.

This is possible without a huge investments in LMS implementation, employee expansion, and software purchases by renting our LMS instead of committing to a long-term purchase of software to in terface on your servers. By using our systems and our team, we help you quickly and easily migrate to eLearning. We provide the use of a robust Learning Manage ment System (LMS), and if desired, we help you manage your courses ongoing and help you set up the system. You provide full control of your end users , adding/removing and assigning learners and user privileges.

• Fully supported and hosted by our partners AbaraLMS for

your convenience, a leader in Learning Management Services


Phases of the project and deliverables typically include: • Design, Technical & Content Assessment Planning Phase • Mobile & Technical Speci fi cations Phase • LMS Con fi guration & Set Up • Testing & Prototype Phase • eLearning Program Development • LMS Client Training • Content Development – Review, Edits, Updates & Testing • Beta LMS Launch Test • LMS Launch Date • Ongoing Course Development, Files & Assets exchange/ uploaded/ Launch

How We Make it Happen The process is simple and based upon your timeline and scope . The process is a combination of various phases, all guided and managed by JJC.


˛ The bene fi ts of using a pre-de fi ned LMS with administrative management support, and custom content development, enables an accelerated LMS launch , and continued development of

Your Goal ˛ eLearning course development , and the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) – to migrate your current text, classroom, OJT training – into a professional online mobile friendly ‘corporate university’ style business solution, for use in training employees, managers, and franchise teams. Pizza World Business Solutions Proposal

eLearning from existing programs. As Pizza World grows so does the ‘corporate university’ and curriculum.

˛ The inherent bene fi ts of standardizing training , and reducing classroom training time – for both onboarding and franchise staff, combined with the complexity of franchise loca tions, and rapid growth expectations – we suggest both course development and LMS services,

to provide a full business solution to Pizza World.


Content Development enables: • Custom designed professional training programs that will engage your learners . • Ef fi cient conversion from the core content to a self-paced delivery. • A budget friendly SCORM development program which is mobile friendly & easily edited . • Development using Rise will ensure a long life to the developed modules for updates inherent in the industry. • Provides rapid development of multiple modules to facilitate LMS launch. • Enables multiple content delivery models to be used for interactivity .

Services include LMS & Content Development Services Course Development Services: To meet your needs in providing an engaging, ef fi cient, interactive , text and AI video-based learning for industry professionals, JJC will facilitate development of SCORM programs to provide LMS ready trackable learning objects , developed in Articulate Rise. Rise, HTML, eBook conversions, PowerPoint conversions, Video editing, AI avatars, scenario building, assessments, and interactivity, utilizing many development tools and resources.

Pizza World Business Solutions Proposal

SAMPLES of similar course development at this level include…


SCORM Program Samples

Demo Videos

This program saved hours of classroom and travel time. Click >HERE< to view full course

This program helps communicate a safety need. Click >HERE< to view full course

A quick interactive Rise course shows a text based and mobile phone friendly module. Click >HERE< to view full course


Weeks 4 - 10 Course development will be ongoing and each course provide for review, edits, and approval Week 5 LMS set up – Student, manager, hierarchal administrative roles determined and approved Weeks 6-10 LMS communication discussed and provide to alert and train end users for use and support needs Week 7 LMS testing and Beta launch group Week 10 Launch date per location determined Week 10 LMS training and communications complete Week 12 LMS full launch Weeks 10-12 Final developed modules tested and delivered

2. Management and Supervision Skills – Important to align company standards and compliance. 3. Franchise Onboarding – Reduces onboarding time and ensures faster launch of new stores. Timeline Milestones – Managed by JJC : Day one Project Approved Week one Client Provides raw course list and content review Week 2 Review and discuss timeline, design, branding, SME’s, objectives of course and LMS

Business Solution


The timeline is based on amount of learning hours desired for launch. Typically a soft launch of the LMS, within 12 weeks of project initiation, is recognized with continual and ongoing course development expanding utilization within the organization allowing a robust curriculum and use case within 1 year. Clients similar to Pizza World have typically chosen to divide content needs into 3 categories prioritizing development to meet company goals. 1. Employee onboarding and role/job assign ment - Employee onboarding and job assignment training (for corporate and franchise).

Week 3

Review LMS set up criteria, speci fi ca tions, classi fi cations, hierarchy etc. Develop Project Plan and provide Kick-off meeting to review with client timeline and deliverables Design is reviewed and approved for LMS and courses Prototype delivered for approval

Week 4

Project now on growth stage as more users and content is ongoing.

Week 4

Week 4


Typically, employee onboarding and job assignment is primary, as all locations bene fi t from the reduced cost and time allocation for employee training. Cost of training is determined by learning hour, you can estimate learning hour of eLearning development based upon the time spent in live training. eLearning seat time is typically ¼ of live training. So, if you spend 1 day training a delivery driver, most often you can look to change the training to ½ of the live train ing and eLearning comprising ¼ or 2 hours of eLearn ing to replace the 8 hours of live training augmented by 2 hours live hands-on training versus 8 hours. The eLearning is required before the live training, to allow the trainer to focus on skills analysis not com munication of policies and procedures.

Using this model Carrabba’s developed a 2 hour Delivery driver onboarding program that was required before the fi rst day of training. The new employees showed up for their fi rst day of live training more prepared, and aware of the require ments, allow less classroom time by 4 hours, and acerated the employee time to full assignment by 2 days. In addition, as a requirement was necessary

Case Study

Blooming Brands Restaurant Delivery Driver eLearning Training

prior to attending day one, many potential employees simply did not show as they realized in training program they would not be suited for the work.

Click >HERE< to view full course


Training is developed using Rise and a variety of tools to add a multimedia interactive elements to the training as needed for the topic, including video, AI avatars, audio, Doodly, and interactive eBooks. Course Development Costs Development is based upon quantity - courses and learning hours to be developed. Typically, clients determine the amount of courses to facilitate initial launch of the LMS, then a monthly amount to continuously add curriculum, and increas ing utilization of the online learning program, with enhanced and continual course releases. Development costs for course level and scope of sample courses is $3,000 for 30 minutes, up to 4 mod ules, of eLearning. Budget aligned packages enable full curriculums to be developed in expedited manner.

Typically packages to build curriculum for implementation and launch include: • 6 hours, 20-40 modules – a combination of courses meeting the initial job speci fi c learning needs, $36,000 typical budget to enable implementation and ramp up. • Once all locations are using the LMS, more content needs will arise and should be budgeted for. Other training for franchises, location speci fi c, etc. can be added as needed. We build a prototype - course #1, once approved, the full project begins! Following initial course build, and LMS launch, clients typically choose a monthly budget to continually build courses, versus paying for each course. Payment terms are negotiable and deliverable related.

Investment Considerations Starting with the Operations Manual, a combination of courses, eBooks, videos, and instructional training tools, is developed to focus upon the categories of operational skills for each job classi fi cation. Pizza World Course Development

Sample Pizza World Course


Services Provided Pizza World will manage their end users, upload all learners, and be provided full functioning admin istrative credentials for the LMS. JJC will provide management services including, implementation, ongoing content and curriculum management, monthly reporting to aid in utilization of the LMS company wide. LMS Costs The cost is determined by active users, and is based upon levels to facilitate your entire organization, and enable a ramping of the LMS, as your organization grows. Active users are users within the system avail able to take courses, inactive users (no longer em ployed) are removed and not counted, however data is maintained for legal reasons. Rental agreements are for minimum 1 year, discount for 3-year agreement.

LMS Services & Rental

LMS & Mobile App You’d be provided the AbaraLMS eLearning Hub which will be Pizza World custom branded for use in your or ganization, in which JJC would upload all developed content, and implement the LMS

LMS costs include JJC administrative support, content management and consulting and are paid monthly. LMS costs are all inclusive rental for full access to features based upon active student registration with unlimited usage.

with your employee, location, and job classi fi cations. The LMS is an online SAAS solution in cluding a mobile App for a full mobile experience.


Next Steps?

We Build Solutions... click the video below to view a success story similar to Pizza World project scope.

1. Let’s schedule a time to chat, what questions do you have? 2. Determine if building a Pizza World University is for you. 3. We will schedule a demo to show you a live LMS site and live courses from a current client. 4. Determine the decisions of LMS with or without administrative curriculum services support. 5. Determine the budget for course development and prioritize development needs to determine which training will be made fi rst – how much and how fast?

6. Determine when you want to launch LMS, typically 8-12 weeks from initiation of course development based upon volume with growth over a year. 7. We can provide full Statement of Work proposals for your review and approval to get started with project. - All you need to do is approve the project, and provide your raw training manuals, programs, videos, and specialty photos, we will take it from there, and guide you at every step!

Creative eLearning Development & Online Training Services Solutions Provider

Creative eLearning Development & Online Training Services Solutions Provider

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