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New Employee Onboarding


Welcome to the team! Write a short welcoming message for the new employee here. Also add a quick instruction on how they can best use this induction and onboarding guide

Since onboarding documents are generally timeless, try recording this presen tation so it can live for as long as you need! To record, simply click "Present and Record" on the upper right corner and proceed or refer to this presentation's last resource page for more detailed instructions.


n Our Company's Story

n Our Vision and Mission

n Our Goals

n Your Team

n Your Mentor and Buddy

n Growth and Development Journey

n What to Expect During Week One

n Courses and Resources

n End of Week Check-In

Our Company’s Story

Briefly introduce the company here. Include its history, current position, and its ultimate goal.

Our Vision and Mission

Company Vision

Company Mission

Write the company's guiding vision statement.

Write the company's ongoing mission statement.

Our Goals

Share the company's most highlighted and current goal. It can be finance-related, or about its position in the industry.

Your Team Introduce the team that the new employee will be a part of. Give an overview of the new employee's role and responsibilities within the team too.

TEAM MEMBER Add role here

TEAM MEMBER Add role here

TEAM MEMBER Add role here

TEAM MEMBER Add role here

TEAM MEMBER Add role here

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